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The new revitalised corporations are expected to focus on making profit to boost government revenue. It was unclear which parastatals have been merged or those scrapped following the implementation of a report by taskforce on parastatal reforms. Thursday, President Kenyatta said that parastatals should be able to perform their duties just like private companies once the reforms are complete. Speaking during a session on parastatal reforms, President Kenyatta said there is no reason why the public should continue pumping funds into institutions which are not profitable.

The aim of reforming parastatals is to ensure incentives are aligned to the performance of those working in public organisations, he added. Head of Public Service Joseph Kinyua, who is leading the implementation of reforms in parastatals, lauded the progress made since the team consolidating the entities finished its work several months ago. If the Bills are passed, parastatals will be referred to as State Owned Entities. Mr Kinyua said that a draft code of governance has been developed to manage the sector and guide parastatal executives.

Somalia's Shabaab chief say war 'shifting to Kenya'. Somalia's Al-Qaeda linked Shabaab vowed Thursday to move their war to neighbouring Kenya, one of the top commanders said in broadcast urging fighters to launch attacks. Kenyan troops crossed into southern Somalia in to fight the Shabaab, later joining the now 22,strong UN-mandated African Union force battling the Islamists. Fighter jets, believed to be from Kenya, have struck Shabaab strongholds this week, as part of the latest push by the AU force against the insurgents.

The Shabaab, who claimed responsibility for the September attack on Nairobi's Westgate mall in which at least 67 people were killed, have also been blamed for a string of grenade blasts and killings. Last week a double bomb attack in a Nairobi market left 10 people dead and scores wounded, while the United States has said it was preparing to cut staff levels in Kenya because of the mounting threat of attacks. The Shabaab said it was their guerrillas who carried out a deadly ambush on an army convoy in Kenya's northeastern Mandera region on Monday, close to the border with Somalia. Khalaf said the Shabaab had trained fighters and vowed more would be sent to carry out attacks inside Kenya.

Khalaf, who the US says is both a Shabaab military commander and key fundraiser, reportedly spent over a decade in the Swedish capital Stockholm. Missing US woman found after 10 years. A year-old woman who went missing 10 years ago in California has told police she was forced to marry her captor and have his child. The unnamed woman contacted police shortly after communicating with her sister on Facebook, officers said. Isidro Garcia, 41, was arrested on Tuesday on suspicion of kidnapping, rape and false imprisonment.

Police said in a statement he had been living with the girl's family at the time of her disappearance. The abuse began in , the statement said, when Mr Garcia was dating the victim's mother and residing with her and her daughters in Santa Ana, a city in Orange County. The police allege that Mr Garcia began sexually assaulting the victim in June of that year, only four months after the girl arrived in the US from Mexico.

In August, he assaulted the victim's mother and drugged the teenager, driving her 26 miles north to Compton, Los Angeles, where she was locked in a garage, say police. The two moved on several occasions to avoid police detection, and used different identities, the police statement said. Mr Garcia frequently physically and sexually assaulted the victim, it is alleged, and the two of them worked together at a night cleaning service.

He said that in , he forced the woman into a marriage, using documents he obtained in Mexico, and in the two had a child. The couple were known locally as Thomas and Laura, and were popular among neighbours for hosting lavish birthday parties for their three-year-old daughter. Another neighbour, Maria, showed us photos of the family smiling at church for their daughter's christening. As news trucks clogged the street, people told much the same story, of a family that seemed happy but never got too close to people.

They hosted parties but didn't have very close friends. Many just couldn't believe that "Laura" had been abducted a decade earlier. They looked like a normal family, she said, but "Laura" was never allowed to chat for long. You don't have to have a college degree to serve. You don't have to make your subject and verb agree to serve. You only need a heart full of grace. A soul generated by love. Diaspora Return Ticket:. Cover up to a maximum of five 5 nominated next of kin parents, spouse, children or siblings living in Kenya.

Deputy PM Michael McCormack accused of disputing evidence of global heating

With this cover, in the event of a demise of any of your nominees, you can purchase a return ticket as well as make contributions towards the funeral expense of the departed. The amount is payable once on the first demise of any of the above dependents during the insurance period. Diaspora Funeral Expense:. This cover caters for the last expense to ensure that Kenyans and their families living in the Diaspora receive a dignified funeral and return home in the unfortunate event of death.

It also covers repatriation of the body back home. Diaspora Life:. Upon loss of life of the Assured member In the Diaspora the next of kin in Kenya will receive payment of either Kshs. Covers Provided. Benefits Provided. Premium Per Annum. Diaspora Return Ticket. Diaspora Funeral Expense.

Diaspora Life. Death Announcement.

Kevin GitauKararwa. Sunrise September, - Sunset May Family and friends are meeting for prayers at his mother's residence every day from hrshrs at Canterbury Road,. After identifying his bride during Kenyan Night in Girona, Barcelona, Spain on Thursday 15th may, the bridegroom David was to be fed with porridge by the bride. If he drinks, it means he has accepted the girl but if he refuses, it means the wedding is not on.

When porridge was brought to David he asked whether it was having sugar in it. The bride told him that there was no sugar in it. David said that he cannot porridge without sugar. The bride added sugar. Then David brought another excuse that he cannot drink before his dirty shoe is cleaned. The bride went down to clearn David's shoe and the the maids followed left - then David accepted to drink the porridge. The parents of the bridge were also fed with porridge. The book is more than his testimony but it is a bait to fish people out of satanic traps.

He has opened his heart and talked about most things that people would rather not discuss but sweep under the carpet like drugs, sex, masturbation and pornography, bitterness and forgiveness. He talks about his upbringing, dark past, life as a devout rastaman and until he surrendered his life to Jesus Christ. This book is a tool that will illuminate through dark parts of people's lives, convict and deliver people from gang membership, drugs and alcohol addiction, imprisonment cycles, sexual perversion and teenage rebelliousness. It will also teach you on forgiveness and how to appreciate your parents more.

You can call to order a copy and soon the book will be available to buy on amazon and our website www. Service times - Sundays pm-4pm and 1st Friday of the month 11pm-5am. Online marketplace eBay is forcing users to change their passwords after a cyber-attack compromised its systems. The US firm said a database had been hacked between late February and early March, and had contained encrypted passwords and other non-financial data. The company added that it had no evidence of there being unauthorised activity on its members' accounts.

However, it said that changing the passwords was "best practice and will help enhance security for eBay users". It said it would be contacting users to alert them of the issue via email, its website, adverts and social media. A spokesman added that the firm's engineers were in the process of rolling out a feature that would oblige members to choose new passwords when they next logged in, which should be live in each of the countries eBay operated in by the end of the day. Royal Mail to pilot Sunday service for parcel deliveries.

Royal Mail is to trial a Sunday delivery service for parcels in response to the increasing demand for goods ordered online. Later this summer it will open around offices on a Sunday afternoon for customers to pick up their parcels. Delivery offices with the highest parcel volumes across the UK will take part in the scheme.

The company will also try out parcel deliveries to addresses within the M25 motorway.

CWU deputy general secretary Dave Ward said: "Royal Mail's announcement about expanding delivery and collection services to seven-days-a-week is an exciting innovation which we welcome. It will be up to the retailer to decide whether to offer it to customers. The BBC's John Moylan says that rival firms, including Hermes and DPD, have already announced plans to deliver on Sundays and that some have been undercutting Royal Mail, which increased the price of posting letters and parcels earlier this year.

Royal Mail was privatised last year. The company reports its first annual results as a public company on Thursday. This is the moment a diver was almost swallowed by a tonne whale. Rainer Schimpf was observing the annual sardine run near Port Elizabeth, South Africa, when he came across the massive creature. The picture above shows the moment the whale hit the surface, missing him by inches. Tragedy was averted after the large mammal changed course at the last moment but the diver was still knocked back by the force of the creature. French red faces over 2, trains that are 'too wide'. Our correspondent says that the cost is likely to rise even further.

Construction work has already started to reconfigure station platforms. The work will allow new trains room to pass through. But officials say that there are still 1, platforms to be adjusted. Our correspondent says that they measured platforms built less than 30 years ago, overlooking the fact that many of France's regional platforms were built more than 50 years ago when trains were a little slimmer.

The platform edges are too close to the tracks in some stations which means the trains cannot get in, officials say. A spokesman for the RFF confirmed they had "discovered the problem a bit late". Transport Minister Frederic Cuvillier blamed an "absurd rail syste m" for the problems.

But are we wasting more food than we realise by chucking away the best bits out of habit? Many fruits and vegetables have leaves, skin, rinds and peels that have just as many health benefits — sometimes MORE — than the fruit and veg themselves. Don't let that onion skin get away. Quercetin can also help to reduce the release of histamine so may be a useful ingredient for hayfever sufferers. Add it to veggie stocks and soups — but remove just before serving. Melon Rind. Make sure you whizz the skin into a blender before eating. Blend it with the flesh of a melon for a tasty and nutritious smoothie.

Broccoli Leaves. Don't go binning those broccoli leaves The florets might be the first bit we go for, but broccoli leaves contain carotenoids — a powerful plant pigment that the body can turn into Vitamin A and that also helps to prevent cancer. Just cook them as you would cook broccoli normally. Celery Leaves. Did you know that the leaves contain five times more calcium and magnesium than the stalks? They also contain vitamin C and phenolics — powerful anti-oxidants that can help fight cancer, heart disease AND ageing. Simply use them as you would celery normally, so add it uncooked to soups, salads and sauces.

We all know the health benefits of green leafy vegetables, and chard especially is one of the healthiest veggies going But the stems are actually just as good for us as the leaves because they're also packed with antioxidants. Cook stems in the same way you would asparagus — so steam or boil depending on which way you prefer. Orange Peel. This picture is making us hungry. Packed full of vitamin C, oranges can help boost the immune system naturally — but the peel itself is a powerhouse of fibre and vitamins.

Add the peel to a delicious smoothie — whizzed up, of course! Kenya ranked among the fastest-developing states in Africa. Kenya has been ranked among the fastest-developing states in Africa, with its economic growth projected to hit 5. Other countries with such notable growth through agribusiness include Ghana and Ethiopia. Positive projections for the short to the medium terms are dependent on sustained and rising growth based on increased investor and business confidence, reliable rainfall and a stable macroeconomic environment.

Other factors expected to support economic growth are lower, stable international oil prices, the stability of the Kenya shilling, and reforms affecting security, governance and justice. Neno la Siku ya Leo. Stop Comparing Yourself with Others! But when they measure themselves by one another and compare themselves with one another, they are without understanding. God never intended you to compare yourself with anybody else. We are many parts of one body, and we all belong to each other. Build on your God-given talents and stop coveting what others have.

God made you what He wanted you to be, redeemed you and called you to fulfil His plan for your life. The newly married couple being welcomed at the garden party and on right their parents enjoying the party. The athlete has been told the only way she can continue running is backwards. You may need to step smartly out of the way if you spot jogger Laura Cattivera ahead of you.

She has a rare neurological condition which causes involuntary muscular contractions and prevents her from running in a straight line. Ms Cattivera tried experimenting with new ways of running, initially moving in a zigzag pattern. So I tried it and it gave me something that was really working. Now she plans to organise a backwards running race in Manhattan Beach to raise awareness of focal dystonia.

The annual increase slowed compared with a 9. Excluding London and the South East of England, prices were up by 4. The wide range of activity was shown with prices in Northern Ireland increasing by 0. In the East of England, property prices were up by 6. The ONS said that prices fell by 0. This was the first month-on-month drop for over a year. However, house price data from the Halifax and Nationwide, based on their lending, have also shown fairly sharp rises in prices on average over the last year, despite the regional differences.

This has prompted some commentators to call for the second phase of the government-backed Help to Buy scheme in the UK - which supports new homebuyers who might have struggled to get a mortgage - to be scaled back. Although there was a shortage of homes, which the Bank could do nothing about, it did have influence on lenders and would tell the chancellor if changes needed to be made to the government's housing market schemes. Mortgage rules have been altered recently, that is thought to be lengthening the time it takes to get a home loan. This has reduced the number of mortgage approvals in recent weeks.

The Bank of England also has the power to control interest rates, and a separate report suggests a rise in the Bank rate could hit hundreds of thousands of mortgage holders hard. It is a difficult time for us and we are requesting your prayers and support. May the Lord rest our Dad in peace. Those who would like to attend the burial in Kenya David Kahoro in Kenya on For more information please contact Kahoro on or Nyaga on Nigeria bombings: 'Death toll passes '.

The bodies of at least people have now been recovered from the sites of twin bombings in the central Nigerian city of Jos, the nation's emergency management agency says. The first blast was in a busy market, the second outside a nearby hospital. No group has said it was behind the attack but Boko Haram militants have carried out a spate of recent bombings. Jos has also seen deadly clashes between Christian and Muslim groups in recent years. A spokesperson for the regional governor told AFP news agency that most of the victims were women. The market and bus terminal are part of the commercial centre of Jos.

The second blast was some 30 minutes after the first and killed some rescue workers. Journalist Hassan Ibrahim told the BBC that tension was rising in the area, with youths blocking some roads. Religious leaders are appealing for calm. National Emergency Management Agency coordinator Mohammed Abdulsalam said: "We've now recovered bodies from the rubble.

This could rise by morning, as there is still some rubble we haven't shifted. A Kenyan man has passed away in UK. Kevin has been promoted to glory and has gone to be with his creator. More later. Pastor Antony Kimani caught this photo 38, ft above see level while the aircraft was negotiating the Alps Mountain in France ready to land at Girona Airport, Barcelona, Spain on Thursday 15th May, Rioting varsity students block city streets. Protesting University of Nairobi students Tuesday engaged in street confrontation with anti-riot police, blocking the usually busy Uhuru Highway and University Way.

Police lobbed teargas in a bid to disperse the students, who had barricaded the streets and were hurling stones at them. A number of businesses along various streets in the city remained shut following the protests. The students held demonstrations earlier Tuesday morning within the city centre streets, stopping by Jogoo House headquarters where they sought to be addressed by Education Cabinet Secretary Professor Jacob Kaimenyi. They were unsuccessful in their attempt as the police had barricaded the entrance to the Ministry of Education offices. The students are protesting against a proposal to increase school fees in public universities, though Prof Kaimenyi announced Monday that the government had not sanctioned any increment of fees in any institution.

When Kevin Kararwa was diagnosed with Leukemia, he had a lower chance of survival than most purely because of his East African background. He needed a bone marrow donor and the chances of finding a match were about one in thousand. The name in English means Kill Jews Fort. The reality is this is a village descended from a Jewish community," Rodriguez said. The village of ancient stone houses surrounded by fields near the city of Burgos is home to 56 mostly elderly people.

They will cast their ballot on the same day as European-wide elections. Rodriguez's campaign also takes place as the Spanish government is trying to make amends for religious persecution during the Inquisition, proposing a law to grant nationality to descendants of Sephardic Jews driven out of Spain. The town's name dates to the period after Catholic monarchs King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella ordered the expulsion of Jews in She has been sickly on and off since Oct.

She fought an honorable and dignified fight all along and was an encouragement to us all even in her state all through but the Lord had need of her to Himself. We shall miss her, her love of life, laughter and a very open heart in loving all those around her. Her kindness to the less fortunate will always be remembered. Mother- in- love to Joshua Shikungu. Mum, you have fought a good fight and won the race.

We love you and always will. We are happy to know that you are no longer in pain and are dancing with the angels as you loved to dance. There will be prayers and support for the family every evening 5. Apt Dallas, TX Gate Code: David and Mariona left cutting their wedding cake which looks like a house. On right is former High Commissioner in. The father of the bride Mr. Joan Lleal escorting her daughter into the church as the maids follows closely. Some of the Kenyans guests toasting at the Kenyan night in Spain.

The Seed's Team would like to send their condolences to Mr. Peter Kahoro and family after the death of his father in Kenya. No way! How did the line hold this thing? Dave Harrell from Oklahoma in the USA was amazed when he suddenly discovered a huge alligator snapping turtle on the hook instead of a fish. He did not hesitate and heaved the reptile into his boat. Although Harrell is weightlifter, he must have struggled with the huge 45kg turtle.

His friend shot this amazing photo of him. Drama as drunkards turn court into theatre of the absurd. Drunkards are an interesting lot. They are at times funnier than your average Kenyan comedian, if the theatrics a bunch of them brought to a Nyeri court a week ago is anything to go by. A group of 85 men had been arraigned in court and charged with being drunk and disorderly.

That some of them were still in a drunken stupor made the courtroom literally turn into a theatre of the absurd. Interestingly, a mtungi pot full of a frothy brew, which was still fermenting and from which some of the suspects never moved their eyes, was produced in court as exhibit. Drama began when the court clerk started explaining to them why they had been arraigned in court.

In unison, the drunkards pleaded guilty to the charges, and that was when the comedy began. First on the line was a particularly witty individual who asked the court to free him because his youngest daughter was pregnant. Last sip The next drunk told the court he was in the process of quitting alcohol and, in fact, he was on his last day when the police ambushed the den and arrested him on his last sip.

This was in fact bad luck to me because I was in the process of quitting alcohol when they came. And before the tickled courtroom could recover from outbursts and ramblings, one of his partners in crime, perhaps not to be outdone, took the comedy a notch higher. But the showstopper was an elderly man who tickled those in attendance. After pleading guilty to the charges, told the magistrate that even before slapping him with any amount of bail, he should be released to go and look for more money to bail himself out because all he had in his pocket was Sh!

Ona kaba mwambe mundekererie ndie ngethe icio ingi All I have is Sh Interestingly, the magistrate heard his plea, and only fined him Sh! He told off Western countries for issuing travel advisories against Kenya following a spate of terror attacks in the country. He said Kenya would look for tourists from other countries. President Kenyatta Sunday told off the West for imposing travel advisories against Kenya, saying tourists from other countries will visit Kenya.

In an uncharacteristic tough language, President Kenyatta accused the West of double standards in the war against terrorism.

Snowman Vectors, Photos and PSD files | Free Download

US, Britain and other countries have warned their nationals against visiting Kenya for fear of terrorist attacks. Last week, Britain evacuated some of its nationals. Even if they take their tourists, we will look for others. Full information and photos coming soon. Six bodies in Kitengela secret grave exhumed. The bodies were retrieved from a mass grave discovered in Kitengela area on Saturday. On Monday a new grave was spotted few metres away from the ones reported on Saturday. Authorities are yet to establish the identities of the bodies recovered from two mass graves.

According to Chief Government pathologist Johansen Oduor, the remains had by the time of discovery decayed extensively that determining their gender and identities require DNA testing. He added that the nature of the remains indicated they had been buried for less than three months prompting police to conclude that the killings were recent. Kajiado County Commissioner Laban Kobai pegged the killings to a fierce battle between rival land brokers possibly affiliated to the divided outlawed Mungiki sect. More than one million files that had been missing or misplaced at the lands registry have been recovered in the two week reorganisation and audit at Ardhi House in Nairobi, Cabinet Secretary Charity Ngilu said Sunday.

The registries — all at Ardhi House — were closed from May 5 to May 16 for the re-organisation and clean-up of records. During that period, all searches, stamp duty and land rent payments and application for valuation and processing had been stopped, affecting transactions like payment for allotments, applications for subdivision of land, settlement programmes and land adjudication.

They are in the Central, Nairobi and Records registries where records for Nairobi and other counties are kept. With the clean-up of the records, land transactions at the ministry are now expected to take three days, down from 20 before the audit. Mrs Ngilu said that following success in Nairobi, scrutiny of land records will now move to the counties. The closure of the three registries sparked a dispute between Ms Ngilu and the National Lands Commission, which went to court seeking to compel Ms Ngilu to rescind her decision.

The commission withdrew its case last week after the court ordered that the dispute be resolved through arbitration. Nairobi registry had , files, while Central registry had , but the records registry had 1,, files that were recovered. However, she said there were over , files that are still being traced as the search at the registries confirmed that only 2. Among the changes that have been effected at Ardhi House, she said, include the installation of CCTV cameras to beef up security and identify brokers and unscrupulous agents who have given the ministry a bad name.

David Muchemi identifying his fiance among other girls. If he misses a huge fine follows. Luckly, he was able to identy her. On right David fixing a ring on Mariona at the wedding. High profile wedding with big budget well spent. It was one of the best wedding I have ever attended. Kenyan night with Kikuyu cultural events including ngurario. Spanish are good in art and acting which they applied at the wedding. Wedding in a small village and reception in a exclusive venue at the bottom of a mountain. These are two words you have to learn when you arrive in Spain. David Muchemi being feed with porridge in a calabash by Mariona while the other maids helped to feed the men.

The wedding took place on Saturday in the compound of the bridegroom's parents in small village of people comprising of a church, a pub, a shop and restaurant within the same companied. The parents are Catholic. The father is a lawyer, the mother is a councillor and the daughter the bridegroom is also a lawyer and lecturer. Very friendly Spanish, rich in culture. After the church ceremony we headed to the reception in an exclusive club at the bottom of the mountain. On arrival all the guests found the waiters waiting for them with drinks welcoming them to a garden party outside the main hall.

Well arranged tables under the trees with Champaign on every tables. A open bar in the garden with all types of drinks a barbecue section and Spanish cultural food with a full roasted pig on display. We arrived at about 3. Some of the food many Kenyans have not seen before including one of the most expensive food in the world Caviar was on the menu. You have never seen something like this All the tables had names and you have to check you name against your table.

This is where the party started. All types of food in the menu and with the menu being in Spanish it was not easy to make your order. The parents of the couple at the Kenyan Night on left - note the Kenyan colours and Cavier right one of the dishes served at the wedding. The waiters were trying very hard to communicate but it was not easy. The Spanish team performed extremely well at the reception outshining everyone else especially Kenyans when the Spanish presented a Kikuyu song in a such a special way.

They had asked for a Kikuyu song in a DVD a month earlier and they had done a lot of practice to the surprise of the couple and the guests. Speech, gifts and eating ended up at about 1. Dancing went on until 5. There as another party on Sunday hosted by the parents of the bridegroom but we left on Sunday morning for UK. Talk of Spain, good food, good people, good wedding as well as good weather. Over guests attended the wedding.

All the guests were presented with a gift on their table by the couple - a free photo of the couple and your photo with the couple. See our gift below. Congratulations David and Mariona. Full story and pictures coming soon. This depends on the amount and the duration.

You can fix from Kes. You can even have a Monthly roll over where the Fixed Deposit matures every month, we credit the interest and renew for another month etc etc! Do you know you can use a Fixed Deposit certificate as Security for a Personal loan!! Loan security includes Title deed, FD account etc. For More Details.

What Kenyans are known for is their insatiable appetite for credit. Their love for spending is not debatable. This explains why the Central Bank of Kenya data shows that in the nine months to September , Kenyans borrowed a massive Sh This is more than a quarter of total loans, which stood at Sh1.

Indeed, this compares poorly with the cash borrowed to invest in productive sectors such as agriculture and manufacturing that could boost the economy currently struggling for take off. The problem is that most personal loans are spent on consumables, luxuries and on acquiring depreciating assets, such as cars. But despite the risks, over the past five years, the uptake of personal loans has more than doubled. In Kenya, we learn to consume, and squander money before we earn it.

This consumer culture could be getting people into serious debt. Recent data from Consumer Insight indicates that Kenyan teenagers and young adults are spending more than Sh billion annually. All the guests at the wedding of David and Mariona in Spain were presented with the photo of newly married couple and the. This is what was presented to the Seed's family on their table.

New payment system eases cross border trade. Trade between Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania is expected to improve significantly, following the launch of a new payment system. A customer instructs their commercial bank detailing the currency they intend to transfer across the border and then the banks will effect the transaction through the EAPS. The system is part of larger plan by the East African Community partner States to integrate their money and capital markets that has been under development for three years.

He said under the system, transactions are settled in any of the EAC local currencies, reducing the cost and risk of transferring money. All commercial banks in Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda are participants in the system and will offer same day settlement of funds and is expected to help reduce non-tariff barriers such as high transaction fees on intra-EAC wire transfers, foreign currency fluctuations and capital account restrictions.

It had 2 seats left to be filled and then we take off. A Somali guy with long beard and the white religious gown they wear kanzu boards the matatu. Because of all the insecurity in the country Al Shabab everyone starts getting agitated and start asking for their money back so they can board another matatu.

The conductor quickly notices the problem and asks the Somali guy to come out, he refuses asking why he's being picked on. He kicks a fuss and agrees for a search. The somali guy turns to me and asks 'what is she saying, I thought the issue was solved". I just pretended I didn't hear him, well I didn't want to be known as his friend. Long story short we got to Nairobi safe Charles, Thika. US to send in more marines and reduce embassy staff over terrorist threats.

Adam West - Wikipedia

The magnitude of the terror threat facing the country Kenya was exposed on Saturday after it emerged that the US ambassador had requested extra security and will reduce the size of staff working at the embassy. Mr Robert Godec Saturday, in a statement, maintained that the embassy would remain open for normal operations and there were no plans to close it down.

On Saturday, Mr Godec said his foremost interest was to protect American citizens and to keep them informed, which is the most important responsibility of every US ambassador and embassy. In the Friday letter, he said Kenyan police officers are fortifying security at the embassy pending the arrival of Marines from Washington next week. The US, France and Australia have issued similar advisories. However, the latest attacks have raised eyebrows as the Al Shabaab terrorist group has not been claiming responsibility as is the norm.

For President Uhuru Kenyatta, this was a week to forget as insecurity swelled while he was still grappling with a public backlash stemming from his order to Treasury to pay Sh1. As the Head of State prepared to address a press conference at State House on Friday, twin blasts rocked Gikomba market in Nairobi, killing at least 12 people and injuring more than Later in the evening, Coast hoteliers announced that they had lost Sh million in two days following the travel advisories.

Jeff Bridges

Terrorism is a worldwide phenomenon. Many countries are faced with this particular problem. We have seen the ongoings in Nigeria, in India, Pakistan. We have seen terrorist attacks in London, New York, in Boston. Terrorism is not an issue that is peculiar to Kenyans. On Saturday, Mr Munyori Buku, the director of media and external relations at State House, termed the advisories and evacuations as economic sabotage. In Kenya, the future looks bleak with tourism stakeholders estimating that the direct cost on the economy will be in the region of Sh5 billion.

Tourism netted Kenya Sh96 billion in and Sh93 billion last year, making it one of the top income earners for Kenya. Tourism Secretary Phyllis Kandie yesterday appealed to the four countries to withdraw the travel advisories saying terrorism is a global challenge that requires concerted efforts by all to defeat. With traditional sources now threatened, Kenya could look East although China is still nascent.

The largest Chinese tourist delegation to Kenya was a group of holidaymakers last month. In contrast, last year, there were , tourist arrivals from the UK; the US had ,, Italy 79, and India and Germany 64, and 60,, respectively. But despite the high stakes, the government seems to have resigned itself to fate with many Kenyans questioning the viability of the measures put in place. But the government maintains it is working tirelessly to contain the situation. The latest effort was the move by President Kenyatta to disperse executive powers to the County Commissioners on Thursday.

The opposition has criticised the move as the return of the infamous provincial administration. Inspector General of Police Mr David Kimaiyo has also issued a directive that cars should not have tint on windows.

He said the tints are used by terrorists to conceal their identities. But yesterday, the Independent Policing Oversight Authority termed the directive as unlawful. A legal opinion sent to Interior Secretary Joseph ole Lenku and his Principal Secretary Mutea Iringo cites a ruling by Justice Isaac Lenaola that said the rule only affects public service vehicles. The government has also contracted Safaricom to install a Sh The government has also been conducting swoops on illegal foreigners who have been blamed for the incessant explosions in Nairobi and Mombasa.

The ongoing operation is expected to continue into the next financial year and Sh3. Nairobi Governor Evans Kidero has also directed the Inspectorate Department and other security agencies to ensure that people and vehicles entering or leaving public markets and PSVs are screened. Interior ministry spokesman Mwenda Njoka on Saturday said the measures will work in due course. Gates is known as a prominent American investor, philanthropist, inventor and programmer. So there you have it, the ten richest people in the world for Luckily for the world, the richest people in the world, by and large, are heavily involved in philanthropic pursuits that help those who are less fortunate.

Many in the above list have signed a pledge to actually donate the majority of their wealth to philanthropy, which will drastically change and improve many lives in the years and decades to come. UK Bank chief Mark Carney warns over housing market. Bank of England chief Mark Carney says the housing market has the potential wreck the recovery.

The governor of the Bank of England has given his strongest warning yet about the dangers to Britain's economy posed by the booming housing market. Mark Carney said the market represented the "biggest risk" to financial stability and the long-term recovery. He added there were deep structural problems which needed to be addressed. In an interview on the Murnaghan show on Sky News, he said the housing market had the potential to threaten the long-term recovery. He said the Bank of England was "closely watching" rising property prices and the subsequent increase in large-value mortgages, which he warned could lead to a "debt overhang" which could destabilise the economy.

Mr Carney said: "When we look at domestic risk, the biggest risk to financial stability and therefore to the durability of the expansion [of the economy] those risks centre in the housing market. Instead, he said it would ensure banks had enough capital to withstand the risks of lending, and check lending procedures to ensure mortgages were given only to those who could afford them. He added: "There are not sufficient houses built in the UK. To go back to Canada, there are half as many people in Canada as in the UK, twice as many houses are built every year in Canada as in the UK and we can't influence that.

Do they have enough capital against risks in the housing market, whether underwriting standards are tough enough so that people can get mortgages if they can afford them? Figures published by rival lender the Halifax, meanwhile, suggested UK house prices had risen by 8. Ten people were killed and over 70 wounded in two bomb attacks in Gikomba market, Nairobi, officials said Friday.

The National Disaster Operation Centre NDOC said the first blast occurred on a seater matatu, and the second was inside the market, situated to the east of the city's central business district. A spokesman at the Kenyatta National Hospital said eight bodies had brought in and "more than 70" people admitted for treatment, many of them in a serious condition. The NDOC then revised the death toll up to We need a lot of blood," the spokesman, Simon Ithae, told AFP as the hospital issued an appeal for donors. Nairobi police Chief Benson Kibue told reporters at the scene that two bombs were thrown at their targets the minibus and a clothes store.

We are on top of things," he said, adding the one suspect had been detained. The attacks come days after several countries issued new warnings against travelling in Kenya amid a wave of bombings and attempted bombings in both Nairobi and the port city of Mombasa. Earlier this month three people were killed and 86 wounded in twin bus blasts in Nairobi that were blamed on Islamic militant cells connected with Somalia's Al-Qaeda-linked Al-Shabaab rebels. The previous day, twin attacks left four dead in Mombasa. Kenya has been targeted by Al-Shabaab since sending troops to war-torn Somalia in Kenyan soldiers are still posted in southern Somalia as part of an African Union force supporting the country's fragile internationally-backed government.

A single judge suspended the execution of the entire judgement of the appellate court that had sent Dr Kidero packing. I am satisfied the appeal raises triable issues of law. The President has made 28 foreign trips, a total of 70 days in 16 countries on official government business, or two trips per month, unlike his predecessors who rarely left the country. Last month, Uhuru was in Kenya for only 11 days, the rest being spent in six countries on three different continents. This is the first time that Kenya has had a President who travels so much, toting up more frequent-flier miles than many top business people.

Presidential globe-trotting is associated with enhancing foreign policy, trade, industry and commerce and being the ambassador-in-chief of Kenya's nation brand. Uhuru's first year is also easily the busiest first 12 months of a new president in terms of the number of visiting heads of State and Government hosted by Nairobi. Most of Uhuru's trips have however been around Africa and the sub-region spread across Uganda, Tanzania, Ethiopia, Rwanda, and Burundi, where he has attended heads of State summits of regional bodies.

Three days later, Uhuru made his first trip outside Africa as President, to the UK, to attend the Somalia Conference in London at the historic Lancaster House, venue in the early s of Kenya's Independence negotiation conferences. Uhuru addressed the conference on Somalia and later had bilateral talks with Prime Minister David Cameron.

This meeting led to the "union" on infrastructure development within the East African Commission that has come to be known as the "Coalition of the Willing". He held bilateral talks with his host, President Goodluck Jonathan. On July 18, , he passed through Kinshasa on his way back to Kenya and held talks with DRC leader Joseph Kabila on regional peace and bilateral relations.

Two weeks later, Uhuru made a trip to the East, where he visited Russia, China and Dubai, from August 16 to August 27, , with the aim of expanding Kenya's markets. The China trip, which included a delegation of 60 businessmen and five county governors followed an invitation from President Xi Jinping. China's Premier Li Keqiang visited Kenya last week and the two countries signed economic partnership deals worth over Sh billion.

On August 25, on his way back to Kenya, Uhuru stopped over in the United Arab Emirates for a three-day visit to woo investors. On October 28, Uhuru went on a three-day State visit to Rwanda, where he held talks with his host Kagame and various investors. On November 30, he was in Kampala for a follow-up of the tripartite talks with Museveni and Kagame. April saw him visit six countries — spending 19 days out of the country. Kenya's first President, Jomo Kenyatta in office , did not fly out of Kenya after the Commonwealth Heads of State and Government Meeting, which he attended as Prime Minister, and for the rest of his life.

Kenyatta seemed to take an attack in which he was manhandled by two pro-colonialism thugs in London as his cue for not travelling abroad again. He left the globe-trotting to his Vice Presidents and ministers, among them Daniel arap Moi. The Seeds are among the guests attending David Muchemi's wedding in Barcelona, Spain this coming weekend.

Christopher Wambua from the communications authority of Kenya says sexting is an offense and you can be fined up to 50 thousand shillings or be jailed for not more than 3 months. Psalms Your boss? Your husband or wife? Your strong-willed child? Your grouchy co-worker? When we remain silent in order to avoid confrontation, we just end up avoiding something far more important: relationships. Confront your fears, come out of hiding and start living. UK, Australia issue advice to nationals against travel to Kenya.

The travel advisory was issued by the UK's Foreign and Commonwealth Office via the high commission's website. The list also includes areas within 60km of the Kenya-Somali border, Kiwayu and coastal areas north of Pate Island, Garissa District, the Eastleigh area of Nairobi and low income areas of Nairobi, including all township or slum areas.

If not, you should leave the area," reads the statement on the website. The restaurant was founded in Members of the public who wish to eat there must apply for tickets from their work units. Foreigners who dine there may be shown into smaller rooms, away from North Korean nationals. Fury at government over worst Turkish mine disaster. Anger has erupted against the Turkish government after a deadly coal mine disaster in the western town of Soma.

People in Soma hurled abuse as they surrounded PM Recep Tayyip Erdogan's car during his visit to the scene of the tragedy, and protesters clashed with police in Istanbul and Ankara. An explosion on Tuesday caused the pit to collapse, killing at least The latest rise in the death toll means it is the worst such incident in the country's history. Rescuers are still hunting desperately for scores of miners who are missing feared dead, but Energy Minister Taner Yildiz said the mine was still on fire hampering their efforts.

Nearly workers have been rescued, according to the mine operator, though government officials gave a lower figure of However, no survivors have been found since dawn on Wednesday and more than are still thought to be unaccounted for.

Deadpool’s “Wet on Wet” Teaser

Eighty of those rescued have been treated for injuries, none of which were described as serious. Local media reports said protesters in Soma kicked Mr Erdogan's car and called for his resignation after he gave a news conference on the disaster. He was booed as he emerged from his car. Some arrests were made amid the scuffles and pictures showed the prime minister, surrounded by bodyguards, seeking refuge in a shop.

Protesters also attacked the town's ruling AK party offices. Meanwhile police in the capital, Ankara, fired tear gas and water cannon at about protesters who tried to march from a university to the energy ministry. Wangaruro Luton Ken Petersborough among others. Your support and contribution will be highly appreciated. For more information contact New guidelines say a single glass of fruit juice a day is the most anyone should drink as a report warns families are consuming unsafe levels of sugar, claims The Daily Telegraph. The witness, a crime-based witness victim has been granted protective measures by the court and her entire testimony will be heard in private or closed sessions.

Mr Ruto arrived in The Hague early morning Wednesday, just hours before his trial resumed. He is likely to fly back to Nairobi Tuesday night or Wednesday if the chamber grants him the permission. Salsa Shakes! Amazing dancing kids! Court issues arrest warrant for Walter Barasa. The High Court has issued a warrant of arrest against journalist Walter Barasa who will then be handed over to the International Criminal Court.

The arrest warrant was issued by Justice Richard Mwongo Wednesday. Police seeking two men after commuter is robbed at 'knifepoint' on London train. Robbery: police would like to speak to these two men. A commuter was robbed at 'knifepoint' on a London train before being marched to a cash point and forced to hand over his savings. The year-old train user was cornered on the As they took property out of his bag, one of them pressed an object against the man's leg and claimed it was a knife. The victim then tried to escape at Bromley station but was held against his will, police said.

Following the initial robbery at The company is selling one eight parcels plots in Isiolo for Kshs. The plots are approximately 3kms from Isiolo town on Isiola Mandera Road — near the 78 battalion barracks. The land offers great opportunities for capital appreciation with current market prices at Kshs. The allocation of the plots shall be done through balloting, an exercise that will be done at the site. The titles will then be issued after the land has been subdivided. The title processing charges will be communicated in due course.

For bookings and enquiries, call Caroline on Lands Ministry staff caught sneaking out title deed. Nairobi, Kenya: Police Tuesday evening arrested a casual member of staff at the Ministry of Lands who was caught sneaking out a title deed in a major breakthrough in unearthing a racket that is smuggling crucial documents out of Ardhi House. Another woman was arrested on Friday after she was found sneaking files out of the lands registry as the ongoing day audit discovered some 10, files which have been missing for many years. Tuesday, police apprehended another woman after officers manning the gates and who were conducting a normal search on employees leaving the building after work found her with the title deed belonging to Malindi Municipal Council.

He said they were also interrogating another employee in the ministry who was found with 10 title deeds in his bag as he exited Ardhi House Tuesday. The central registry at Ardhi house is currently closed to the members of the public for a day audit as the ministry plans to digitize its operations to promote efficiency and effectiveness in service delivery. Officers at Ardhi House who did not want to be named told The Standard that some ministry officials apprehensive that they could be nabbed due to their involvement in corruption deals were secretly smuggling files and title deeds suspected to be illegally signed.

Documents targeted are those signed by National Lands Commission NLC which has opposed the closure of the central registry. At one point Aunt Mae recalls some teenage memories in a heart-to-heart with Spidey -- and something tells us it totally happened in the '80s. It wouldn't be prom if someone's date didn't ditch them -- as happens in both "Pretty in Pink" and "Homecoming.

Incidentally, there's some great high school hallway hide-and-seek in both "Homecoming" and "The Breakfast Club. Spidey is a nerd. He has a nerdy best friend, and he sits at the nerd table at lunchtime. Yes, we even heard a few '80s-era tunes in the Spidey soundtrack -- including "Save It for Later" by The English Beat -- that would have fit perfectly into almost any '80s-era John Hughes movie. High school nerds like their gadgets, as seen in both "Sixteen Candles" and "Homecoming.

Nerds are also fond of goggles, as seen in both teen movies. View In Gallery.