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We encourage our students to develop research and study skills that will help them to make the transition from the classroom to the work environment. Independent thinking is required of anyone considering IT courses and a career in IT. IT Programs. This course prepares students to write the following Microsoft exam: Windows Server Server Administrator. Those individuals interested in pursuing a career in IT, specifically related to Windows Server technology. Available Locations This Course is offered at multiple locations across the country. Contact Us Find out more about this Program.

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Windows Server Administration (Training Course)

Best of all, the tab-completion function where Windows thinks about what you're typing and suggests completions for your current context when you hit the Tab key works as you'd expect and is a useful feature. This new console gives administrators the power to drill down into the computers, domain controllers, users, and other objects within AD DS forests and perform operations on them.

A refreshed view gives pretty simple access to common tasks via a now-standard three-pane interface, shown here.

The Active Directory Administrative Center management console gives administrators the power to drill down into computers, domain controllers, users and other objects and perform operations on them. Replacing the old Active Directory Users and Computers interface that's been around since Windows , what's interesting about this new console is that it's built on the new cmdlets, like some administrative console tools in Microsoft's other server products -- including Exchange, System Center, Small Business Server and so on.

A feature called "Progressive Disclosure" allows high-level administrators to restrict the information that the tool returns to its user. Clearly, this could be useful for organizations that make heavy use of permission delegation. BranchCache extends some of the improvements made in Windows Server R2 and Windows Server by caching downloaded information from the Web and intranet sites within a branch office the first time it is requested. This is, of course, most effective when users at a remote location frequently download similar information among themselves. Since branch offices often operate on lower-speed Internet links, user productivity is improved as the day goes on since more and more files are present within the cache.

Managing Active Directory through PowerShell

A costly upgrade to Windows 7 is required for clients to take advantage of WAN caching technology, but the good news is that a few seconds at the command line and a couple of GPOs later, you have increased the efficiency of your remote links significantly. Essentially, BranchCache works like a big file cabinet, storing a copy of retrieved content identified and selected by an administrator, of course within the local branch office network. When other clients on the same network request this content, the client does a quick check to make sure its local, cached copy is equivalent to the live copy at the head office, and, if so, serves up that copy to its client colleague over the faster LAN.

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Content can be web-based HTTP or typical files and folders SMB , can be configured to work over SSL or IPSec-encrypted connections, and all security is maintained through an authorization process controlled by the host servers, not the "mini servers" holding the cache in the remote office. In a demo, a document was downloaded over a KB connection, taking about 30 to 45 seconds. After the cache, when another user in the same site requested that information, the transfer was nearly instantaneous.

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BranchCache works not only with a branch office server but also on a peer-to-peer basis among Windows 7 clients in the same location. Next, check out the name you need to configure the client computers to look for by entering PowerShell and issuing the following commands:. BranchCache helps performance by caching downloaded information from the Web and intranet sites within a branch office the first time it is requested.

Next, we have to allow the Windows Firewall on all involved computers to let BranchCache connections in.

Microsoft Windows Server 2008 Administration

Continue Reading. Automating Windows updates with PowerShell will ease some of the labor associated with the routine patch deployment process. A recent update to the Sysinternals Sysmon utility adds DNS query logging to give deeper insights into the connections made by your Windows machines.

The Pester testing framework gives IT pros a way to develop sophisticated and consistent testing routines that monitoring tools just can't duplicate. If you need to do it more than once, there's a way to automate the procedure with PowerShell.

restosaltsandvi.tk/beautiful-naked-and-young-evie.php Don't fiddle with printer configurations and tiresome upkeep work from the GUI when you can automate a lot of the tediousness with PowerShell. Ping has its place, but PowerShell gives you a way to dive deeper into a networking issue when a server drops its connection or starts to drop packets.

MS Windows Server 2008 Administration

With help from the Azure PowerShell module, you can avoid login prompts and automate the authentication process when using service principals on Microsoft's cloud platform. Learn how to manage modern authentication with a relatively new PowerShell cmdlet to keep end users in touch with their Exchange Online mailboxes. Have you ever run low on file server capacity or struggled to access files? Setting up Azure File Sync can give your organization centralized file shares with local accessibility.

Don't throw a retirement party for that Exchange server and pull the plug prematurely without going through this checklist to avoid any issues. User management in Active Directory doesn't have to fill you with click-induced anxiety.