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In: Latifi R, editor. Studies in Health Technology and Informatics. Vol Telemedicine in India.

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11. Introduction to Neuroscience II

Neurologic services in the nations of Africa. Neurology ; Wasay M, Khatri IA. Neurology in Pakistan: Growing burden, low on priority, and a hope to keep alive. Wasay M, Ali S. Growing burden of neurological diseases in Pakistan - Need for a national health survey. J Pak Med Assoc ; Eur Neurol ; Training and distribution of neurologists worldwide. J Neurol Sci ; Orrico K. The pediatric neurosurgical workforce: Defining the current supply. Clinical article. J Neurosurg Pediatr ; Child neurology services in Africa. J Child Neurol ; Zaki M, Drazin D. Smartphone use in neurosurgery?

Surg Neurol Int ; Front Neurol ; Arch Neurol ; Lancet Neurol ; Focal epileptogenic lesions - A. Moosa and E. Wyllie Cleveland, USA Granata and F. Andermann Milan, Italy and Montreal, Canada Immune-mediated paediatric epilepsies - C. Bien and A. Inborn errors of metabolism and epilepsy - N. Bahi-Buisson and O.

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Dulac Paris, France Chromosome disorders associated with epilepsy - S. Zuberi Glasgow, UK Focal malformations of cortical development: a most relevant etiology of epilepsy in Children - A. Palmini and H. Genetics of idiopathic epilepsies - R. Nabbout and I. Scheffer Paris, France and Melbourne, Australia Idiopathic generalized epilepsies - R. Caraballo and B.

Idiopathic focal epilepsies - F. Vigevano, N. Specchio and N. Malignant migrating partial seizures in infancy - G. Coppola Salerno, Italy Infantile spasms - R. Hrachovy and J. Frost Jr. Houston, USA The epileptic encephalopathies - J. Cross and R.

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Dravet syndrome severe myoclonic epilepsy in infancy - C. Dravet and H. Oguni Rome, Italy and Tokyo, Japan Epileptic encephalopathy with continuous spike-waves during slow-wave sleep including Landau-Kleffner syndrome - P. Lennox-Gastaut syndrome and epilepsy with myoclonic-astatic seizures - A. Kaminska and H. Oguni Paris, France and Tokyo, Japan Diffuse malformations of cortical development - N. Bahi-Buisson and R. Guerrini Paris, France and Florence, Italy Myoclonus and epilepsy - R. Guerrini and T. Takahashi Florence, Italy and Tokyo, Japan Status epilepticus - O. Dulac and T. Takahashi Paris, France and Tokyo, Japan Cognitive disorders in paediatric epilepsy - I.

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Pinabiaux and M. Lassonde Paris, France and Montreal, Canada Problematic behaviour in children with epilepsy: issues and management - D. Taylor and F. Besag London, UK Cognitive side-effects of antiepileptic drugs in children - D. Ijff and A. Aldenkamp Heeze and Maastricht, The Netherlands Initiating antiepileptic drug treatment and characteristics of drugs - B. Bourgeois Boston, USA Treatment strategies - C. Chiron and M. Developing antiepileptic drugs in children: balancing protection and access - J-P.

Amann, T. Glauser and C. Woermann and G. Chiron Paris, France Functional imaging: PET - A. Kumar and H. Chugani Detroit, USA Advanced structural and functional MRI in childhood epilepsies - L. Hertz-Pannier, S. Rodrigo and C. Paediatric epilepsy surgery - G. Delalande Paris, France Cognitive outcome of surgery - A. Gallagher, I. Nonpharmacologic approaches: diet and neurostimulation - E.

Kossoff Baltimore, USA Outcome of paediatric epilepsies in adulthood - I. Gourfinkel-An and F. Dubeau Paris, France and Montreal, Canada. The child is neither an adult miniature nor an immature human being: at each age, it expresses specific abilities that optimize adaptation to its environment and development of new acquisitions. Diseases in children cover all specialties encountered in adulthood, and neurology involves a particularly large area, ranging from the brain to the striated muscle, the generation and functioning of which require half the genes of the whole genome and a majority of mitochondrial ones.

Human being nervous system is sensitive to prenatal aggression, is particularly immature at birth and development may be affected by a whole range of age-dependent disorders distinct from those that occur in adults. Even diseases more often encountered in adulthood than childhood may have specific expression in the developing nervous system.

The course of chronic neurological diseases beginning before adolescence remains distinct from that of adult pathology — not only from the cognitive but also motor perspective, right into adulthood, and a whole area is developing for adult neurologists to care for these children with persisting neurological diseases when they become adults. Since the infectious context, the genetic background and medical practice vary throughout the world, this diversity needs to be represented in a pediatric neurology textbook.

Frontiers in Neurology

Taken together, and although brain malformations H. Curatolo, and oncology W. Neurology is a branch of medicine dealing with disorders of the nervous system. Neurology deals with the diagnosis and treatment of all categories of conditions and disease involving the central and peripheral nervous systems, including their coverings, blood vessels, and all effector tissue, such as muscle. Enago's expertise in Neurology and a staggering number of papers edited in Neurology are a testimony to our capabilities within this domain. Enago has subject-specialized editors and proofreaders for Neurology and related subjects such as Bioinformatics, Microbiology and Immunology etc.

Although According to recent surveys, migraine represents is an important cause of temporary disability , as shown by recent surveys. Chronic migraine is defined as the occurrence of migraine headache occur on ring more than 15 days per month for more than three 3 months in the absence of medication overuse and not attributed to another disorder is defined as chronic migrainous daily headache. It is usually resistant and poorly respond s poorly to classic al abortive and preventive medical therapies , and a multidisciplinary approach is used to manage it. Since ancient time, Traditional herbal medicines e.

Non - pharmacological interventions , e. The aim of the present study research was designed to investigate the safety and efficacy of local subcutaneous steroid injections as an abortive and preventive treatment therapy of for managing chronic migrainous daily headache migraine by local subcutaneous steroid injection. Based on our Our survey of neurologic al literature survey, suggests that this is the first reported study in this field. Such Chronic migraine is usually resistant and poorly respond s poorly to classical abortive and preventive medical therapies.

Since ancient time s , traditional herbal medicines e. Non - pharmacological interventions e. Few Unconventional treatments for the prevention of preventing migraine are, namely, include applying pressure application to the head during headache migraine , applying ice pack application , manipulation of the neck, acupuncture, hypnosis, and herbal therapy.

The aim of the present study research was designed to investigate the safety and efficacy of local subcutaneous steroid injections as an the abortive and preventive treatment therapy of for managing chronic migrainous daily headache migraine by local subcutaneous steroid injection. Based on our neurologic al literature survey, this is the first reported study in this field. You can download the samples for Copy Editing and Substantive editing from this section. Enago delivers manuscripts track changes. Alternately, you may request us to send you a clean copy without notations while placing the order.

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