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Of course, it had a small, flowery welcome front and a window on the west side.

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Consisting of three small rooms: a kitchen, a living room, and a spare, the play house was Charlotte's safe haven when her mother was not around. Her dolls and toys were already nestled into the small house, now along with the Rapunzel book she'd stolen off of the bookshelf.

In the kitchen, she set down a plastic tea pot filled to the brim with whatever type of tea her mother had prepped for her the night before. Tea parties were a daily thing in the Swan household. Today, two guests, would make an appearance at Charlotte Swan's ultimate tea party. Lining up a crazy red-haired doll with a sowed on smile and a stuffed lion, she started to pour the cups of tea.

However, redhair's glass was only halfway full when the small cup was dropped, covering the plastic floor in a slew of spilt tea juice. Charlotte couldn't help it. She wasn't expecting a third guest, especially not the dirty looking boy that was sitting in a chair on the opposing side of the room.

This boy looked small, yet couldn't be bigger than her cousin Jake, who was six years older. His light blonde hair highlighted with muck, stood out in many different directions around his pale face.

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His jeans were torn at the hemline and his shirtsleeves non-existent. Her doe eyes met his large green ones and they stared at each other for a while. Replacing Dr. Uley is he? Her shift at the hospital had just ended and after 12 hours of being there, she'd wanted to go home and see her daughter. She knew of the previous relationship between Sam and Bella, but she also knew how he'd been cheating on her in the break room with some physical therapist with big boobs and a low-price tag. As she emerged from the hospital doors, she made her way towards the staff section of the parking garage in a hurry to get to her car.

The odds on getting home to quickly weren't in Bella's favor though, because a blonde haired male quickly approached her as he was exiting his own car. Damn it. Newton was referring to the "relationship" they had, or so he calls it. He was interested, not horrible to look at, and she had a need to fill, but Charlotte wouldn't have it.

According to the six-year-old, Mike looked like an oversized Ken doll. And Charlotte couldn't have her Mommy playing with those kinds of dolls—after all Barbie was for little kids.

Boy in the Twilight

She quickly disliked him. Hurrying to her vehicle, Bella got in and started the engine, giving Mike a death glare as she passed him by. Wake up! An internal panic rose when she found the house vacant of a bouncy little girl. Story Story Writer Forum Community. Books Twilight.

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When Bella's 6-year-old daughter stumbles upon Peter, a young, dirty, and stain-filled boy in her backyard playhouse, she's determined to help him. The Boy in the Backyard by mariescullen Summary: When Bella's 6-year-old daughter stumbles upon Peter, a young dirt, stain-filled boy in her backyard playhouse, she's determined to help him.

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Jessica bent down to examine the now discarded book while pulling Charlotte to her feet. Charlotte scoffed, bending over to pick up plastic cup.

She looked up at the boy expectedly. Now if you'll excuse me, I need to get home. What the little brat doesn't know won't kill her! Jessica woke up, startled. Five hours had passed since she'd seen the bright-eyed little girl. I like cookies :. Chapter 1 2. Chapter 2 3. Chapter 3 4.

Chapter 4 5. Chapter 5 6. Chapter 6 7. Chapter 7 8.

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